Korean Goalkeeper Hatches Dastardly Plan That Works PERFECTLY!

The video clip you’re about to watch from a pro league South Korean soccer match is about to ask you some pretty heavy questions. Like ‘how far does gamesmanship go before it becomes cheating?’ ‘Is it wrong to bend the rules unfairly if you’re not technically breaking them?’ And ‘what’s funnier? What this goalkeeper does? Or his name (Lee Bum Young)?’

Bum Young, who’s represented the South Korean national side, is between the sticks for his team, Busan I’Park, about to face a penalty. As the players prepare and there’s confusion in the box, the ‘keeper uses his time wisely. Slyly, he’s totally ruins the penalty spot, created divots that are likely to affect the flight of the ball when the penalty’s finally taken.

And guess what happens…?

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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