Revenge Shooting Suspect ‘Feels No Remorse’

“I don’t give a f*ck how much time they give me.” That’s not usually the kind of thing you expect to hear from someone up on a murder charge. But then Kenneth Stancil III isn’t your usual murder suspect. We say ‘suspect’, but there’s very little doubt in this case. Stancil openly admits to having killed fellow North Carolina resident Ron Lane. Why? Because he feels justified in having killed him. Lane, was grooming Stancil’s 16 year-old brother at Wayne Community College.

“He didn’t touch him,” said Stancil, 20. “But he was in the proposal to try to, and I wasn’t going to let that happen. I took it in my hands to take care of the business that needed to be took care of.”

The killer may get sympathy in some quarters because of his motivation but when people discover that he’s a homophobic neo-nazi, their thoughts often change.

Here’s a news report on the story of Kenneth and his crime. Justified or not, he sticks by what he did. Have a watch:

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