He Saved Her Through An Open Window But In The Most Miraculous Way…

During an awful rainstorm, a woman named Charlene, on her way back from work, ended up slipping into ten feet of rising water. She couldn’t swim and quickly found herself in trouble, with her SUV sinking fast.

Howard Absetz, a local store manager saw what was happening and rushed over, with a couple of others, to help. And help he did. He was, at first, just fumbling around like everyone else. But soon, he hit paydirt. He reached into the window which somehow was now open and was just able to pull Charlene through the gap. She rose to the surface and was saved!

“There was something there, I can’t explain it,” said Absetz. “But something happened for her to be able to be alive today and me be able to pull her out.”

What is he talking about? Well, the weirdest part of the story… When they got the car out, the windows were fully wound up. It’s was as if they’d never been opened. And yet Charlene got out somehow. A miracle or something else entirely? You decide.

It’s not just us regular Joes and Josephines that can get in trouble in our vehicles in bad weather – even the military do too! Check this out for proof…

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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