6 Great reasons To Fart Without Holding Back. Number 3 Is Surprising!

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Farting. It’s not something that we like to talk about in polite company. The subject usually arouses in us feelings of shame and embarrassment. But, passing wind is perfectly normal. We all do it. We all know that we all do it. So why not talk about it?! Also, and you may not know this, it’s also incredibly good for you? Here’s six reasons why…

1. It can act as an early warning sign for health problems. A rancid stench, pain whilst passing or a need to do it often can be a sign of medical complications. If any of these are problems for you, contact your doctor.

2. It stops bloating. Bloating is partly caused by a build up of gas in the intestines. It usually occurs after a large meal. Let loose with the guffs, and reduce your discomfort.

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3. The smell is good for you! Believe it or not, inhaling your pumps has health benefits! Farts contain hydrogen sulfide, which helps to protect cells, thus warding off strokes and heart disease.

4. It’s a good indication of your nutritional needs. The smell and frequency of your parps can tell you about any changes you need to make to your diet. Not farting much? Up the amount of fibre in your diet. Do they stink to high heaven? Eat less red meat.

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5. It’s good for your intestines. If you hold your farts in too often, then you can get severe cramps in your abdomen. So let rip!

6. It feels good! C’mon, admit it. Farting is great. Not only is it really funny, there’s something really satisfying about letting go a massive bum trump.

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So there we have it! Fart away, ladies and gentlemen…

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