They Take Every Trace Of His Beloved Dead Wife. Then … A Miracle Happens

Mom’s Cellphone Photo Of 2 Year-Old Son Leads To Shock Cancer Diagnosis

Just days before they were due to get married, Dave Lacey’s fiancee Erica discovered that she had a rare and aggressive form of lymphoma. What was supposed to be a day of celebration was tinged with sadness. Then in 2011, Erica finally passed away, leaving behind a heartbroken Dave and a whole host of wonderful memories.

Whilst grieving, Dave found it important to keep hold of Erica’s stuff. One such item was a camera, full of wonderful photographs of happy times, including their wedding. It also had images taken at Erica’s funeral. This camera was much treasured by Dave. But, in 2012 disaster struck. Thieves broken into his home and stole a bunch of stuff, including the camera. Dave reported it to the police but he didn’t hold out much hope. He assumed that he had lost it forever. And with it, a bit more of Erica had gone. “It just didn’t seem fair because after all that we went through, to lose those, it was like a punch in the gut,” he told reporters.

Fast forward a year, and detectives are called to another house burglary. When searching the house, they find receipts for a number of pawned items. One was for a camera. They visited the pawn shop and retrieved the item. As the detectives searched through the camera, they realised that these images were clearly important, and set out to find the owner. From one of the photographs, they were able to identify the neighbourhood where they presumed the owner lived. As they pulled up into the area, they immediately recognized a man from the photos. That man was Dave Lacey.

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