Teen Hits Headlines After Making THIS Hand Gesture At A Customer!

I often wish I could speak another language. Not only is it pretty cool, it is also really useful in today’s global society. If only I’d paid attention in French class instead of fooling around, I might be working at the United Nations now!

The beauty of having a second language is that you never know when it might come in useful. For 18 year old Caleb Francis, it was in a Taco Bell one quiet afternoon. 2 years ago, Caleb decided to learn sign language. Drawn by the fact that it was a little bit different, Caleb spent months mastering the language, until he was practically fluent.

Caleb was working in a Taco Bell restaurant in north east Ohio recently when a deaf customer entered. The customer was struggling to communicate his order to staff, so Caleb stepped in and took it via sign language. This heartwarming moment was captured on film, and now Caleb is a bit of a local celebrity!

Watch his story below:

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Written by Boredom Bash

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