WHAT IS THIS?! Have a Look At This WEIRD Sea Monster Caught on Camera!

With so little of the vast expanses of the ocean still undiscovered, it’s not out of the realms of possibility that there are lots of strange and unknown animals lurking about. Big, weird things that we’d never recognise. Monsters, even…

1500 metres below the surface of the water of the Gulf of Mexico, an industrial camera affixed to an oil rig caught footage of the most bizarre and incredible sea creature ever. A huge and undulating brown thing. What was it? The placenta of a whale? Some ancient Cthulu-like beast?!

Sea Monster

That picture is pretty scary and mysterious, but it’s nothing compared to the full video. Prepare to be seriously weirded out…

So what is it? Well, scientists finally worked it out and have identified it, not as a ancient mythical sea beast or anything but as a giant – and rare – jellyfish called the ‘Deepstaria Enigmatica’. It’s an unusual jellyfish, not least because it looks so much different from the types that we’re used to seeing. But – according to marine biologists – that’s just what it is.

Mystery solved!

What do you think?

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