Peel a Potato in Seconds With NOTHING But Your Bare Hands!

One of the most time-consuming activities in any kitchen is the peeling of potatoes. Just preparing a few spuds for dinner is made such a task by all that messing around with peelers and knives, isn’t it? What a hassle. If only we could cut down on that time and peel a potato in mere seconds…

What’s that? We can?


How To Peel A Potato With Your Bare Hands

How? Well, this short little video from’s Deborah Lewis will reveal all. It’s an incredibly simple yet effective little hack that we can’t believe we’d never heard it before… Check it out:

How do you like that? Just think of all the time you can save now. Time you could spend peeling apples EVEN QUICKER!

Why not share this handy tip with a food-loving friend? They’ll love you for it, we guarantee you.

What do you think?

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