Apple + Power Drill = A 2 Second Peel! We LOVE This!

A lot of kitchen tasks can be boring and labour intensive, can’t they? It’s no wonder so many people eat microwave meals. Take baking an apple pie, for instance. Before you’ve even made the pastry and started fiddling with the oven, you’ve got to peel a bag of apples. Oof. Who can be bothered, right?

It’s just this, isn’t it? Over and over and over again…

Peel an Apple


If only there were a quicker way to peel apples. Something flashy, something loud. Something a little bit kind of, well, totally awesome. Maybe involving machinery. Like… Say, a power drill.

Oh, no, wait – there is! The life hacking geniuses over at Handimania have solved another of life’s little annoyances and discovered a way of using a drill to help you peel an apple in just seconds. We love you, Handimania.

Apple Drill

All you need to start peeling like a madman is a power drill, some electricity and a peeler. And probably some apples. Here’s how it goes down:

Cool, isn’t it? We just wish we had a reason to peel 100 apples now. Apple crumble, anyone?

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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