36 Social Issue Ads That Will Really Make You Sit Up and Think

We’re all used to advertising, aren’t we? Junk food, toys, cars… Anything that big companies want you to part with money for – they’ll be ads for them. But not all commercials are cynical attempts to make you buy things. Some big advertising campaigns have a real message behind them. There’s a social problem that needs addressing and it’s been tackled head on.

Here are 36 quite shocking examples of what we’re talking about here. We guarantee you that some of these messages will make you think.

1. Plastic bags can kill. Be careful.

Animal Bag Ad


2. You are not a sketch. Don’t starve yourself.

Anorexia Ads


3. Don’t litter – birds will eat your junk and could die.

Bird Litter Ad


4. Don’t talk and drive.

Blood Phone Ad


5. This ad mocks up a quit smoking message in the middle of a book.

Book Smoking Ad


6. This special bra is an anti-breast cancer campaign.

Breast Cancer Ad


7. Be careful when driving.

Car Accident Ad


8. Slow down on the roads.

Car Crash Ad


9. Don’t drink and drive.

Car Crashes Ad


10. Look after your pets.

Cat Ad


11. Just liking things on Facebook isn’t enough when it comes to charity.

Child Amputee Ad


12. Dogs aren’t footballs!

Dog Safety Ad


13. Skin colour shouldn’t matter.

Dont Judge a Book Ad


14. Don’t lose control when you drink.

Drink and Drive Ad


15. Be careful with guns.

Gun Advert


16. Gun control’s an issue. Especially around children.

Gun Safety Ad


17. Being homeless isn’t easy.

Homeless Ad


18. Lung cancer awareness ad.

Lung Cancer Ad


19. Another cancer commerical.

Lung Cancer Advert


20. Child protection is always important.

Neglected Kids Ad


21. Anti-censorship campaign.

Obama Clinton


22. Anti mass tuna farming ad asks you to imagine tuna as another animal…

Panda Ad


23. Greenpeace ad.

Public Awareness Ad


24. Species die out every 60 seconds.

Public Awareness Advertising


25. Save paper.

Rainforest Ad


26. Watch what animal products you buy abroad.

Rare Animals Ad


27. Tailgating isn’t worth it.

Road Safety Ad


28. Wear a seatbelt.

Seatbelt Ad



Shark Ad


30. Poverty – think about it the next time you’re shopping.

Shopping Basket Ad


31. Smoking’s still bad for you!

Smoking Ad


32. Smoking ages you.

Smoking Ages You


33. Watch where you discard your carrier bags.

Sushi Carrier Bag Ad


34. Amnesty International call for freedom.

Tied Hands Ad





36. Be careful with your children’s smartphones.

Watch Out For Kids Ad

They’re quite powerful, some of these, aren’t they? They’ve certainly made us think about a few things…

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What do you think?

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