When He Opened The Door To This Gas Station Toilet, I Couldn’t Believe What I Saw…

When you think of the bathroom at a gas station, your mind instantly conjures up thoughts of filth and stink, doesn’t it? And understandably so. After all, microwave burritos aren’t good for you… Most of the toilets at gas stations we’ve ever used have been pretty gross. That’s why it’s so massively shocking when you see what lies behind the door to the gentlemen’s at this Shell station in Bohol in the Philipines. Jason Godfrey just couldn’t resist making a video and we’re glad he did!

Check it out:

Did you know?
Royal Dutch Shell, aka Shell, is the world’s biggest company – based on revenue. The company turns over around $250bn a year, with profits often over the £25bn mark. And that’s a lot of money!

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