Big Bad Dog Sings Duet With Little Girl – What a Voice!

Rottweilers aren’t exactly known for their sweet side, are they? In fact, you think quite the opposite when you imagine them. Big ol’ guard dogs barking menacingly, ready to eat your head if you get near them. They’re the postman’s ultimate nightmare. But what if that’s just our interpretation of them? What if Rottweilers are actually quite sweet when they’re not trained to be aggressive? Well, Coco, the dog in this clip might well convince you that that’s the case. You see, there’s nothing scary about her nursery rhyme singing here! There is something very weird about it, sure, but nothing scary!

Watch Coco the Rottweiler duet with a little girl in this video and tell us that they’re big horrible animals…


Cute. Potentially tone deaf, sure, but cute nonetheless!

What do you think?

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