This Cat Has Two – Yes TWO – Faces! Stunning.

The internet is full of cats. You know that. They’re everywhere. They run the world wide web. There’s Grumpy Cat, Bob the Streetcat, Colonel Meow… There’s even an cat that plays the keyboard (we think his name is ‘Keyboard Cat’). But surely the Queen of them all is Venus. Why? Because Venus is a truly special cat. Why? Because she’s a ‘chimera’ cat. She looks like two cats fused together – have a look-see:

Two Faced Cat (16)

Let us assure you that these pictures aren’t Photoshopped. Venus and her crazy look – it’s 100% real!

Two Faced Cat (14)

She’s from North Carolina and is five years old, the little cutie.

Two Faced Cat (15)

“She’s as sweet as can be….gentle, loving, and has this little tiny kitten like “meow” even though she’s grown up”, says her owner. “She acts like a big kitten in the way that she loves to be babied.”

Two Faced Cat (13)

“She doesn’t bother any furniture with her claws and uses a scratching post. She does not have one single bad habits……she’s perfect!”

Two Faced Cat (12)

Half-black, half-tabby, little Venus also has what’s called, ‘heterochromia’ – one blue eye and one green eye. A bit like David Bowie!

Two Faced Cat (7)

A ‘chimera’ is when two species are merged into one animal, so Venus isn’t a true chimera in the traditional sense of the word. It’s a rare genetic variation that we’re seeing here.

Two Faced Cat (8)

Some people have rather unflatteringly compared her to ‘Two Face’ in The Dark Knight Rises. Poor Venus!

Two Faced Cat (9)

We think she’s a lot prettier than that!

Two Faced Cat (11)

She even has her own Facebook page which has more than 180,000 likes!

Two Faced Cat (6)

Not bad going for a funny-looking moggy, eh?!

Two Faced Cat (5)

And a bit of a poser!

Two Faced Cat (3)

AND Venus has got her own range of stuffed toys!

Two Faced Cat (2)

If you’d like to keep up to date with all the news in Venus’ life, check out her Facebook page.

Two Faced Cat (1)

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