TV Sports Reporter Accidentally Flashes Her Underwear on Live TV, Handles It Like a Boss

Halle Berry Flashes Jimmy Fallon As They Demonstrate ‘How They Roll’!

Flashes. Wardrobe malfunctions. Whatever you want to call them, they’re embarrassing. Most of us will have some cringe inducing memory of a time we inadvertently showed a part of our body we want to keep covered up!

Take Argentinian reporter Alina Moine, of Fox News. Moine was presenting a feature on the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, when it would appear that her dress got caught on her watch or bracelet. As she lifted her hand to make a point, she accidentally pulls up her dress, revealing her underwear! However, rather than get embarrassed or flustered, Moine takes it in her stride, and soldiers on like a total boss.

Watch the video below!

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