These People Are Stealing From The Homeless! What Would YOU Do?!

You’re walking down the street, say – on your way to work. You see a homeless guy, asleep on the pavement. Poor dude. You think about putting a few coins in his pot when suddenly – WTF is that? Is that someone stealing from the pot?! It is! Someone’s actually taking money from this down-on-his-luck man. Outrageous! But now you’ve witnessed it – what do you do…?

That’s the question the people caught up in this social experiment had to ask themselves when the ‘Model Pranksters’ set up a fake sting on a busy New York City street. And the results are really quite fascinating. Check it out:


It’s difficult, isn’t it? What would you do? Should you stand up for the homeless guy and risk everything that comes with intervening? What if the criminal was armed and dangerous? We don’t know… How about posing the dilemma to a friend – send them this post today.

What do you think?

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