Tiny Pill-Sized Camera Shows Journey From Swallowing To, Er, ‘Exiting’ – And It’s GROSS

Colon Pillcam

We’re always saying how disgusting things are, aren’t we? A bad meal, an untidy house, the hair of that weird woman who always sits next to us on the bus (that one might just be us, admittedly). But perhaps the most horrible sights of all can be found within us. You see, beauty really is only skin deep. We now know because scientists have developed special ‘pill-sized’ cameras that patients can swallow. Footage of their innards are then beamed to doctors who can diagnose issues. The cameras take 18 shots a second, cost $900 per go and have to be disposed of after one use. They’re highly useful. But the results are, well, gross.

Judge for yourself. We hope you’ve got a string stomach (pun intended):



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