Now, I Aint Sayin’ She a Gold Digga But, Well, She Might Be! Find Out…

This Prankster’s Trying To Steal Other Dude’s Girlfriends With His Lamborghini As Bait!

It’s a sad fact of life that you don’t drive a Lamborghini. We mean, it’s not like you don’t deserve one. You work hard. You’re a good driver. You’d totally respect it and look after it, wouldn’t you? And just imagine if you did drive one. You could pick up anyone you wanted! Just like the guy in this clip seemingly can. He perfectly demonstrates the awesome pulling power of a car that’s worth half a million dollars. But wait, because there’s a brilliant twist in the tale…

Check it out for yourself:


Shame. That dude’s real car didn’t look that bad. It had four wheels, at least.

More of this kind of malarkey here.

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