Teacher Gets The Attention Of Her Biology Class By STRIPPING!

When we were at school, it was just a boring old guy with coffee breath reading from a textbook. But nowadays? It looks as though schoolteachers are really reaching out to kids and using some pretty out-there and revolutionary techniques to engage their audience…

Debby Heerkens, a science teacher at Groene Hart Rijnwoude School in the Netherlands, decided to get her class’ attention during a chat on human biology by using some pretty extreme measures… She stood up on a table and STRIPPED! But don’t worry, she didn’t take everything off, just one layer. Underneath? A Spandex suit which show the internal workings of the human body.

And under that? A skeleton suit! We think this is such a cool idea. It’ll certainly stick in the minds of the students, huh???

Heerkens told CNN: “At first they were a little bit in shock because they thought ‘the teacher is taking off her clothes,’ until they saw what was underneath.”