This Dog Was Thrown Out Like Trash…But Look At Her Now.

It was just another ordinary day for Brandon and Shayna Pitch. The couple live in the town of Ubud on the island of Bali, Indonesia and were travelling through the town when they noticed a sad little pile of wrinkled skin and fur in the road. Brandon and Shayna both volunteered at the local animal shelter (BARC) and knew how many abandoned and mistreated dogs there are in Bali. Fearing the worst, they went over to investigate and found this:

Abandoned dog Bali
Shayna Pitch/BARC

The tragic little bundle was actually a young dog with severe mange and painful, crusted skin sores. She was ill and needed treatment urgently.

Bali dog abandoned
Shayna Pitch/BARC

They knew that they had to get help for the little dog, so Brandon and Shayna picked her up and took her to the local animal shelter where she was seen by a vet.

Ruby abandoned dog 3
Shayna Pitch/BARC

BARC are a non profit making animal shelter in Indonesia. Anyone in the community can bring suffering or abandoned animals to BARC and get them medical help.

abandoned dog Bali
Shayna Pitch/BARC

With BARC’s help, the little dog was soon feeling a lot better, although she still didn’t have much fur!

abandoned puppy Bali
Shayna Pitch/BARC

But Brandon and Shayna didn’t mind. They visited her every day to see how she was feeling, and soon fell in love with the sweet little girl and named her Ruby.

Dog abandoned Bali
Shayna Pitch/BARC

Thanks to their love and affection, Ruby grew stronger, happier and livelier day by day.

rescued puppy Bali
Shayna Pitch/BARC

Eventually, despite the fact that they already had FOUR other rescued pups and one cat, the kind hearted couple decided to offer Ruby a new forever home.

adopted dog Bali Ruby
Shayna Pitch/ BARC

She soon settled into her new life and before long she forgot she ever lived anywhere else.

Ruby abandoned Bali
Shayna Pitch/BARC

Ruby even has a new favourite spot under the kitchen table that’s just for her…

abandoned dog puppy Bali
Shayna Pitch/ BARC

…although she has to share the sun loungers with her four brothers and sisters!

Ruby dog Bali abandoned
Shayna Pitch/ BARC

Thankfully, they go away sometimes and she gets them all to herself. She’s a very lucky little dog!

Ruby dog indonesia
Shayna Pitch/BARC

Watching Ruby sunbathe, it’s hard to believe she’s the same dog Brandon and Shayna found in a pile at the side of the road, close to death. Just look how far she’s come:

Bali dog adoption
Shayna Pitch/ BARC

If you want to help other dogs like Ruby, consider making a donation to BARC- the shelter that was responsible for saving Ruby’s life, and the lives of hundreds of other sick and abandoned Indonesian animals each year, who they then rehome. You can donate by visiting their website.

You can watch a full video documenting Ruby’s amazing transformation here:

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