What This Pensioner Does With Discarded Tools Will Blow Your Mind. Amazing!

When he was a young child, Australian artist John Piccoli suffered from polio, a debilitating disease that robbed him of the use of his legs and left him dependent on a wheelchair to get around. But despite that early setback, John went on to become one of the most amazing recyclers in the history of Australia. We’re not talking about simply remembering to put your newspapers in a blue bin or drop your glass bottles off at the supermarket. John takes it much further: he’s an artist who uses rusted, discarded wrenches to make incredible sculptures.

The results have to be seen to be believed.  John starts with a massive pile of bent, broken and discarded old wrenches that would otherwise have gone to landfill or been melted down:

amazing wrench sculpture

This is John and his wife in his workshop:

australian wrench sculptor

And this is some of amazing garden furniture he makes:

Australian sculptor wrench

He also makes amazing garden sculptures just like this:

Australian wrench guy

(She isn’t a sculpture. She’s his wife. But you get the idea)

Wife australian sculptor wrench

Despite his advancing years, he’s still accepting commissions and making new sculptures:<

sculpture wrench australia

He still makes garden furniture too, like this incredible bird bath:

bird bath wrench australia

But that’s not all. John’s work is regularly featured in Australian museums, exhibition centres and more.

weird australian wrench sculpture

…and with talent like his, you can see why. Check out this huge, amazing swordfish!

swordfish sculpture leaping wrenches reuse

This life like sculpture shows a fisherman catching a fish in his net.

fisherman wrench guy sculpture

Here’s a sculpture of a cowboy on horseback waving his hat in the air.

cowboy wrench guy sculpture

John clearly likes horses. Here’s another sculpture of a horse and cart.

horse cart australia wrench

Even more horses! This time, it’s two wild mustangs fighting – presumably over some mares.

wild mustang horse wrench sculpture

This Little Mermaid wants to be part of your world.

Little mermaid made of wrenches

Any garden would look stunning with this amazing stag, deer and fawn sculpture.

deer sculpture wrench australia

…and finally, this gorgeous love seat is destined to bring you and your partner together.

love seat metal wrench

It’s incredible to think that all of these creations were made by just one man. What’s more, the fact that John is unable to stand up to put the finishing touches to these statues makes them even more challenging. He puts the finishing touches to sections up close before winching them into place with a small crane.

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(All images via the Reuse People of America).

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