Cop Orders Man Out Of His Car And Onto His Knees. When She Realizes What’s REALLY Happening? OMG!

Guy Tussles With Police Only To Discover He Is Immune To Tasers!

It’s fair to say that cops in America do not have the best reputation at the moment. A string of controversial incidents across the country in the last few years has seen confidence in the boys in blue at an all time low.

So when this cop decides to pull over a young couple for seemingly no reason, the pair are more than justified in feeling concerned. The cop approaches the car and asks the man for his licence and registration, which he duly obliges. But this isn’t enough for the cop. Even though this seems nothing but a minor traffic violation, he orders the man out of the car, then makes him kneel on the ground with his hands behind his back. The officer then also orders the woman out of the car, and makes her stand by him.

By this point, the woman is petrified. And what happens next? I couldn’t believe my eyes!

What do you think?

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