This Mom Is Sent Flying By Her Boyfriend After Soccer Prank Backfires!

A video has gone viral of a man brutally pranking his girlfriend by sending her flying with a sliding soccer tackle. Eleanor Martin, from Goole, England, was preparing to take a shot on goal in her back garden when Daniel Hammond slid in, throwing her up in the air before landing in a heap on the floor!

Following the incident, Daniel said:

“To be honest, the video could not have gone any better than what happened – she flew right up in the air. It could have backfired on me, she might have not even moved and I would have looked stupid but it worked out pretty well. Luckily it was all in good humour – she landed on me more than anything, so she wasn’t hurt, she was fine. It did take her a while to calm down though so it took her a few minutes to realise it was caught on camera, she was chasing me round the garden for quite a while first. It won’t put her off – she’ll be back playing football with us next week.”

Their friend Oliver, who filmed the footage, uploaded the video onto Facebook, where it has had 900,000 views and 6,000 shares. He said:

“We had got together for a few drinks and were just having a kick about – taking it in turns to do trick shots. I didn’t expect Eleanor to fly so high in the air and neither did Daniel but luckily she was absolutely fine – she just started slapping him.When we put it on Facebook all of a sudden it just blew up. We knew it would make our friends laugh, but we had no idea it would take off like it did.”

Watch the video below: