They Convince Vin Diesel To Inhale Helium… The Result? HILARIOUS!

Tough guy movie actor Vin Diesel is known for his baby-faced good looks and deep, manly voice. But what would he sound like after having inhaled helium? Helium’s a natural gas known as a safe way to have fun by breathing it in and talking in a high-pitched, squeaky way. But can you imagine hard man actor Vin toking on some and speaking like a little girl? And if so, what would he sound like? Well, cheeky British TV chat show host Jonathan Ross found out on his show. Check out what happened:

Did you know?
Helium is the second most common element in the universe. Also, it’s so light that the Earth’s gravity isn’t strong enough to hold on to it. When released, helium atoms will just keep on rising until they’re in space!

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