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He Puts His Hand In The River… 8 Seconds Later? He’s Caught a Giant Bass!

The video you’re about to see proves that Meghan Trainor was right – it really is all about that bass (that bass). No fishing rod. Terrible jokes aside, this is really cool. The guy here, with just some small bait between his fingers, catches a big ol’ bass with just his hands! Kyle is known as ‘The Fish Whisperer’ because of his ability to tame and get up close and personal to fish. Kyle has 15 bass and this one, Shadow, weighs in at six pounds. Shadow’s Kyle’s favourite and you’ll soon see why…

Did you know?
Fish have six senses. Along with the usual five that we share with them, they have a sixth that’s known as ‘The Lateral Line’. They can sense movements and vibrations in vibrating water to help with feeding and avoiding being food!

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