She’s Rubbing a Lemon On Her Armpit For a Very Clever Reason Indeed…

Lemons have all sorts of brilliant uses. One of the major ones that’s a great life hack is that you can use them – along with vinegar – as an effective and cheap cleaning product around the house. And it almost goes without saying that they’re great in all sorts of food. But what else can you do with them? Well, vlogger Anneorshine is here to guide through 3 really clever beauty tips that all revolve around the modest yellow lemon. Our favourite? Using one as a cheap and natural deodorant! Check it out!

Did you know?
You can also use lemons to: Strengthen your nails, combat dry scalp, soothe chapped lips, whiten your teeth, brighten your hair and even remove blackheads… Go lemons!

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Written by Boredom Bash


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