Teen Wins $400,000 For His Explanation Of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

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What is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? It’s a good question. And one which many people, ourselves included, would struggle to answer. Albert Einstein – the world’s most famous ever scientist – came up with it a long time ago and it’s formed the building blocks for so many further scientific discoveries and ideas. But what is it exactly?

Well, perhaps the best explanation, that’s also the easiest to understand, comes from a teenage kid called Ryan Chester from North Royalton, Ohio. Ryan submitted a video for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, which dissects and explains it all in layman’s terms, but keeps it fun and interesting. The challenge asked students aged between 13-18 to share their love for math and science with the rest of the world by explaining a theory or concept that they love.

The competition got more than 2,000 applications from 86 different countries. And Ryan won. See what it was that put him in the gold medal position and learn something at the same time!

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