He Makes 10 Little Cuts In A Single Block Of Wood. The Result? BRILLIANT!

David Warther from Dover, Ohio’s Warther Museum learnt a very neat trick idea from his master craftsman father, Ernest. It’s something he teaches to kids who visit the museum. And now you can learn it. Amazingly, in just ten little cuts from a blade, he can turn a little stick of basswood into a fully-functioning pair of pliers! Seriously. It looks like it takes a little skill and practice, but it’s a really cool, neat little thing to be able to do. If you try this at home, though – do be careful!

Did you know?
David’s father, Ernest ‘Moody’ Warther is thought by many to be America’s finest ever master wood whittler. The Warther Museum shows his huge collection of amazing works. Like this train. It’s BRILLIANT!


Warther carved that with just a knife. Incredible work.

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