WARNING: Gross! Huge Parasitic Worm Filmed Crawling Out of Dead Spider

Here’s a video we wouldn’t recommend you watch while you’re eating… We’ve got a little clip for you of one of the most disgusting things in nature. An enormous parasitic roundworm – aka a ‘nematode’ – bursting out of the dead body of a spider. Shot by YouTuber Brent Askwith, it catches the unnerving moments just after the worm breaks free. You can see it unravelling. And we’ll be honest – it’s HORRIBLE!

If you’re – quite understandably – freaked out by the idea of a giant parasitic worm sliding out of the dead carcass of a massive spider (and who wouldn’t be?) – but you’re still curious, don’t worry. You can try and think of it as a slippery chow mein noodle maybe. And that the spider’s a Halloween toy. There you go – now you can watch!

Check out this video in all it’s freaky glory…


Great. So that’s us all not sleeping for a week, then. 🙁

What do you think?

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