At The Beach, Girl Kisses Random Other Girls in This Weird Prank

Here’s a funny prank that’s kind of gender specific. In it, a pretty hot girl approaches random strangers – all women – at the beach and attempts, very quickly, to kiss them. It’s pretty funny and well, a little hot. Sure. But just imagine if it were a guy going up to other guys, or even just going up to women. It’d be pretty creepy, wouldn’t it?! Still, luckily for us – Johanna is definitely a lady. As are all the kissees she goes up to. Check it out – you’d be surprised by some of the reactions. Especially the last girl that Johanna locks lips with! Interesting stuff…

If you want to watch the clip (which you definitely do), we’ve got it for you here:


She’s got some guts that girl, eh? Nice one, Jo!

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What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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