He Storms a Busy Mall – What Happens Next Had Everyone Running For Their Lives


You’re out for a day of shopping with friends and family. You decide to go to the mall. Hey, there’s no better place to do some serious shopping, right? You’re wandering about with your bags and a coffee of bucket of soda and you notice something weird’s going on in the mall. Something very weird indeed…

There’s a mysterious man walking around. Slim and tall, with his face obscured by the black hood that he’s wearing. Suddenly – with no warning – people are being tossed to the floor by an unseen force. Could it be the work of the man in black? How’s he doing it?!

That’s the bizarre scenario facing the shoppers inside these mall. Shocked and surprised, they don’t know what’s happening. Now, of course, we all know it’s a practical joke from a group of pranksters now. But at the time? They had no clue this was the work of (the people behind this epic Furious 7 prank!). How would you have reacted?!

What do you think?


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