World’s Toughest Pit Bull Guard Dog Can Run Up Walls!

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Now, we can guarantee you that the animal you’re about to see is, in fact, a pit bull terrier. Although it’s so hench and muscly, he might look more like a dinosaur! Ace is a three year-old pit bull. And while he might not quite be the most muscled pit bull dog in the world, Ace’s sheer power is a sight to behold.

He’s been trained to be the ultimate guard dog. Off duty he’s still sweet and loves a hug. But on the clock? He can jump into windows, disarm people and even run up walls! His trainer, Marlon Grennan, describes being hit by the force of Ace as “like you’re getting hit by an 85lb missile.

Some people are calling Ace a ‘super pit bull’, but there’s nothing in his genes that makes him stand out, he’s just been trained very well. Pit bull protection dogs are near the top of the league for ultimate guard dogs. And we can see why. Have a look:

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