The Top 10 Creepiest Science Experiments

Scientists Create World’s First Genetically Enhanced ‘Super’ Dogs

The weirdest science experiments… There have been plenty over the years. Science is fantastic and it has helped shape our understanding of ourselves, our environment and the entire universe. But left unchecked, it can be a dangerous tool. Under the auspices of ‘research’, plenty of scientists have done some pretty messed up things over the years… Genetically-enhanced ‘superdogs’, anyone?!

Sure, there have been breakthroughs like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, but scientists have also been known to let power go to their heads and veer dangerously close to becoming Dr. Frankenstein-type figures.

We’ve got a video for you here which explores ten of the most controversial and downright creepy scientific experiments ever recorded. The intentions behind these macabre experiments may have been sound, but the results were anything but. You might need a strong stomach for some of this weirdness…

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