High Heels-Wearing Male Dance Trio Move to Beyonce and Will AMAZE You!

Frenchman Yanis Marshall is a pretty good dancer. Well, actually he’s a very good dancer. Nope… Scratch that too. HE’S THE BEST DANCER WE’VE EVER SEEN. Him and his friends recently made the finals of Britain’s Got Talent. And – other than the fact that he’s from France – it’s not hard to see why. Oh, and he does all these mind-blowing moves in six-inch heels. Yep.

If you’re unsure as to whether to watch… Whether Yanis & Co. are any good, consider this – they come Beyonce approved. That’s right, Mrs. Jay-Z is a fan of Yanis and his pals. And with good reason. They’re brilliant. Go on – check it out:

AND ALL DONE IN HEELS! Tremendous stuff. Share this with your pals – everyone’ll love Yanis and his wicked moves!

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