He’s Been Homeschooled His Whole Life. But Even Simon Wasn’t Prepared For THIS!

We’ve featured auditions from America’s Got Talent here on BB before. Whether it’s adorable kids dancing, singers with hauntingly beautiful voices, or incredibly talented magicians, AGT always manages to grab the viewer’s attention.

And the latest season has been no different. Take Ryan Beard. Ryan is an 18 year old singer and comedian from Kansas City. Ryan was homeschooled his entire life, and he isn’t particularly happy about that. From breaktimes spent with the cat to proms accompanied by his mom, it seems that his “school” days weren’t particularly enjoyable.

And then there’s the girls. Or lack of them, to be precise. Ryan is single, and not particularly comfortable around women. He also blames this on his homeschooling. But, he’s managed to channel this unease into his humor. During the audition he performs a hilarious song ironically entitled ‘Ladies Man’ where he explains his difficulty around women.

Watch a video of the audition below: