Ghetto Houdini Magician Kills It on America’s Got Talent

Abracadabra! That’s something you’d expect to hear in a magic act, isn’t it? Well, that’s not a word you’ll hear in ‘Smoothini’s act. You see, ‘The Ghetto Houdini’, as he calls himself, is a bar magician who’s more street than Siegfried. But what he lacks in flashy showmanship and tigers, he more than makes up for it in pure talent and moves! The Washington Heights-born illusionist stunned America’s Got Talent judges recently and hopes to go on to win the 2014 show.

His close-up magic is among some of the best we’ve ever seen. In just three minutes, he manages a series of classic tricks that, even with our pause button, we couldn’t work them out! Smoothini’s the man – check out his skills here:


That was pretty magic, wasn’t it? We wish you all the best in the show, Smooth!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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