This Kid’s Got Moves! Check Out This Bendy-Limbed Bedroom Dance GENIUS

We’ve seen some pretty sweet self-taught YouTube dancers in our time. And the latest one is as good as they come. ‘JustSomeMotion’ is taking the internet by storm with his own brand of flexible movement and interpretative movement. He’s also quite distinctive because of the type of music he gets down to. He’s into artists like Austrian DJ Parov Stelar and French group Caravan Palace. Their genre of tunes? ‘Electroswing’.

Watch JSM exhibiting his unique dance moves in his latest video, backed by Parov Stelar’s ‘All Night’ (which is SUCH A TUNE!)

How do you like them apples? Pretty decent style, eh? What do you reckon? Think you’ve got the moves to match it?

What do you think?

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