Rare Footage of Bizarre Alien-Like Sea Creature Emerges

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Footage of a giant and creepy alien-looking cephlaopod has emerged, presenting a rare opportunity for us to check out one of the world’s weirdest creatures. Shot by oil company Shell, near their Perdido drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico, the video below shows a ‘bigfin squid’. These things need to be seen to be believed…

While scientists have known as the existence of these strange creatures for a few years now, they’ve often proved quite elusive. It’s unusual for anyone to get down that far into the ocean. So this video really is a find.

Also known as Magnapinna or ‘long-armed squid’, these things live at up to depths of approximately two miles. Unlike most squid, all eight of their tentacles are the same length. And we’re talking looooooong… Like, 25-30 feet long! Seriously. Take a look for yourself:

Rare Footage of Bizarre Alien-Like Sea Creature Emerges

Now watch the bizarre footage for yourself:

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