He Just Lay Down By The Road To Die… Until Strangers Stepped In To Save Him!

The people who work for the charity Animal Aid do some truly incredible work. The story we’ve got for you here comes from their Indian base and shows the team over there rescuing a dog with just the worst case of mange you’ve ever seen. This poor pooch is so beset by the skin disease caused by parasitic mites that he’s just ready to give up and die. Starving, homeless and entirely without hair, he lay by the road and gave out a long sigh… This was it for him.

But then some kind soul spotted him and called Animal Aid. The dog rescue was on. They drove their van to where he had conked out and – to be safe and stop him panicking and running into the road – they caught him with a net and took him in. He was assessed straight away. He was in a very bad way.

But the team are kind, dedicated and – most of all – patient. They spent months and months tending slowly and carefully to this dog. At first he couldn’t even be touched. But by the end? WOW. It truly is an incredible transformation!