When Mom Watched CCTV Of Her 2 Year-Old In Day Care, She Was Sick With Anger

These Pictures Prove That Dads Are Both Awesome And A Little Bit Careless!

The Cedar Early Learning Center in Cleveland, Ohio. On the face of it, a day care center like any other. Moms and dads dropped off their children there each and every morning and picked them up later that day. All was well. Or at least all seemed to be well. Only it seems that The Cedar Early Learning Center has been hiding a shameful secret… Some of its employees were abusive.

When a mom noticed large bruises and welts on her cute little two year-old Amari’s legs, she became suspicious and demanded the day care center review their surveillance footage. What she and the management saw sickened them to the core. Two employees had been beating not only Amari but other children there.

WARNING: The following news report shows video footage of children being beaten that some viewers may find upsetting.

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