Two AI Chatbots Fight And It’s Hilariously Creepy

The future is rapidly approaching. And nowhere as quickly as over at Cornell Creative Machines Laboratory. Curious artificial intelligence scientists there wanted to know what would happen when two ‘Cleverbots’ or ‘chatbots’ spoke to each other. They’re AI programs usually meant to chat with humans and simulate our behavior and conduct a conversation with us. But what happens when two are made to chat with each other?

Well, the answer appears to be ‘carnage’! The virtual gloves are thrown off fairly quickly as things get proper nasty. Is the fight due to them being programmed as male and female?! Who knows, but it’s pretty intense.

In our time, we’ve seen robots performing surgery on a grape, have touching goodbyes with their creators and even perform Samurai skills… But we’ve never seen them argue before!

Have a look for yourself…

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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