Guiltiest Dog In The World Wants To Be Forgiven SO MUCH!

Guy Told To Choose Between His Dog Or His Girl. So He Puts Up This Craigslist Ad…

Meet Ettore. He’s Anthony Federica Granai’s Golden Retriever and he’s been naughty. He was caught up on the couch, trying to dig a hole in it. It’s bad boy pooch behavior and he’s caught red-pawed at it. So you can imagine the canine’s shame. Or can you? Maybe not. After all, this is the guiltiest dog we’ve ever seen!

Granai says to his dog in the video (bearing in mind that this is a bit of a rough translation):

“Are you asking me to forgive you? Are you asking me to forgive you? I don’t understand. I really don’t understand. What do you want?… OK. We make peace. We make peace. Peace, all right? We made peace. We’re friends again now.”

This is so adorable. Get ready for a cuteness overload…

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