Hyper-Realistic Art At Its Best – Check Out This Incredible ‘Tablet On a Newspaper’ Drawing!

Guy Draws Ridiculously Realistic Iron Man – No One Believes It’s Not a Photo!

We’re big fans of hyper-realistic art here and we know a lot of you are too. Our favourite hyper-real artist? Easy. Italian pencil magician Marcello Barenghi. What that man can do with a scrap of paper and a pencil case is pure sorcery. With the pencil as his wand, he can create photo-real drawings that will blow your mind. This might sounds like exaggeration, but just wait ’til you see what we’re talking about. In the time lapse video below, you’ll see him come up with a picture of a tablet resting on a newspaper that you’ll barely believe isn’t real.

See what we mean here:


If you’re a fan of Marcello’s visually arresting work, then have a look at this awesome Iron Man effort. Or maybe his amazing bottle of vodka artwork. Outstanding!

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