Guy Draws Ridiculously Realistic Iron Man – No One Believes It’s Not a Photo!

This Hyper-Realistic Painting Isn’t Just Art – It’s Freakin’ Magic!

Not long ago we showed you a very cool time-lapsed video of a dude called Marcello Barenghi, an Italian artist who draws pictures that look like photographs. He drew a bottle of vodka and it was OUTSTANDING. Our man’s back again with arguably an even more incredible piece of handiwork. Fans of Marvel’s Iron Man will like this – he draws Tony Stark’s alter ego in glisteningly perfect detail. AND IT IS AWESOME. This video’s speeded up too, so you can see his painstaking brilliance in just a couple of short minutes.

Have a look. Marcello Barenghi – we salute you.


We can’t even draw a pair of curtains properly. Depressing. 🙁

What do you think?

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