WATCH: He Buys IKEA Kitchen Cabinets And Puts Them In The Bedroom… How He Transforms Them? AWESOME!

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Lots of people nowadays suffer from storage issues at home. Property prices are such that we can’t always afford the size place we need and so we need to utilize the space in our homes as efficiently as possible. And a great way to do that is under bed storage. But most beds only offer one miserly little drawer, don’t they?

So how about you adapt your bed? Build a platform yourself! Using IKEA kitchen cabinets it’s possible…

This easy-to-follow video tutorial shows you exactly how to turn seven standard kitchen cabinets from the Swedish furniture giant into a platform bed with ample storage space sitting right underneath.

The ballpark cost of this project is around the $480 mark. You’re looking at:

– $355 – Cabinets
– $85 – Lumber/wood
– $40 – Paneling, carpet and knobs

Check it out!

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Curt Schilling

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