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This Jaguar Spots Something In The Water And Jumps In After It… What He Comes Out With? CRAZY!

Big Cats Love Boxes Too… This Is So CUTE!

Big cats are cool. And jaguars are, arguably, the coolest. Sleek, strong, able to climb trees and chew through steel (maybe), they’re top level carnivores that sit pretty high up the food chain. And they’re cute to boot. All this and they can SWIM too! They’re no average kitty-cats.

The video we’ve got for you below shows their swimming skills – and hunting skills – perfectly. A jaguar spots lunch in the water, so jumps in and grabs it. But it’s not just a fish or turtle it drags back to land to feast on, oh no… It’s a CROCODILE! Seriously. This clip is insane.

Damn, nature… You scary! Check out the jaguar’s amazing predatory skills in full here:

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