Think Football Can Be Rough? You Need To See The Dirty Tactics On Show In Women’s Water Polo!

Welcome To THE Ultimate Water Sports Fails Compilation!

When you think of a rough sport, you might think of something like football. Scores of big guys in helmets smashing into each other. But for our money – the dirtiest sport going is women’s water polo. It might not seem to be so rough at first glance… But when you see what happens under the water? WOW!

The seven-a-side swimming pool-based watersport gets surprisingly nasty. Grabbing, kneeing, kicking, pinching… These girls will stop at nothing to gain an advantage and put off their opponents. It’s pretty shocking, really!

We’ve got the proof for you here in this video. Shown with a special underwater camera, it catches exactly what goes down in water polo, below the surface of the water. And it’s pretty extreme!

What do you think?

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