Watch This Crazy Driver Drive Up The Ramp of a Trailer and Fly Over It!

If you’ve ever seen the TV show or recent movie version of the Dukes of Hazzard – or even if you’re just a bit of a driving nut – you’ll know what this picture is tempting you to do:

But you’d never actually do it, would you? Attempt to drive up the trailer and flip over it… That’d just be, well, INSANE. Wouldn’t it? Well, yes it would. Someone should probably explain why to 41 year-old Kansas driver Greg Harris. He’s the driver of a Jeep Cherokee. One he thinks can fly. Thug Life:

NUTS. Harris was okay, don’t worry. He was hospitalised, but recovered. And luckily, the cab on the hard shoulder was empty.

Want more driving daftness? Have a look at this.

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