World-Famous Las Vegas Casino The Bellagio Burns As Devastating Fire Gets Out Of Control

It Looks Like A Typical Vegas Home But Wait Until You See What’s Hidden Underground!

Las Vegas, Nevada. The world-famous hotel and casino The Bellagio has experienced a devastating fire. Emergency response units were called to 3600 S. Las Vegas Boulevard late last night after a blaze broke out on the roof, quickly spreading out of control. The response was quick and the fire was soon contained. But images and video clips from the scene are pretty shocking nonetheless.

Vegas’ Assistant Fire Chief Larry Haydu said this about the incident: “Firefighting efforts were extremely difficult due to the location of the fire and access to the location.”

According to a report by Fox 5 News report, ten fire engines, six rescue trucks, four battalion chiefs, a deputy chief and even two separate air rescue units (that’s 77 personnel in total) responded to the fire.

Bellagio Fire

Here are some clips of the devastating fire cut together. Thankfully no one appears to have lost their lives or been hurt as yet…

Not that the fire bothered everyone. Some gamblers take the table VERY seriously indeed. Just ask this dude:

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