This Abused Bull Has Been Chained His Whole Life. Now Watch What He Does To The Man In Red…

Most of us think that animal abuse is wrong. When we see dogs, for example, starved and beaten, or elephants shackled to posts, we are rightly disgusted, and feel anger towards those who caused such suffering. But, unbeknown to us, we are all part of the problem. Whilst we are made aware of overt individual acts of abuse like those mentioned above, there is widescale animal abuse that we never hear about, and for which we are all to blame.

For example, the farming industry. Most of us eat meat and/or dairy, use leather goods, wear woollen clothing etc. Large scale farming of the level needed to satisfy demand involves, at best, questionable methods. For example, large numbers of animals are often crammed into pens or fields such that they have no room to move around.

Take Bandit, for example. Bandit was just one of hundreds of cows who were shackled 24 hours a day to a fence at a farm in Germany. Bandit had no room to move, except to wiggle his head. When the animals were discovered, the authorities called Gut Aiderbichl, a rescue home for abused cows, bulls and calves. So Christian from the center headed to the home to free the animal. At first when Christian arrives, the animal understandably looks concerned. But he soon comes to realize that the man is there to help him.

After a while, Christian manages to free the animal and transport him back to the sanctuary. Once they arrive at his new home, Bandit is shown to his new, very large, barn, complete with plenty of hay. The bull’s reaction? Absolutely priceless.

What do you think?

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