Man Tries Showing Off In His Brand New BMW; Fails Utterly, Utterly Miserably

Show Off Owner WRECKS Brand New BMW M4 Coupe!

People showing off. Bragging. It’s not cool, is it? If you’re richer or more successful or luckier than other people, don’t rub it in their faces. Sure, enjoy your life – but be cool about it. Don’t buy a brand new BMW and then pay a load of people to film you racing it about the place. Only, you might just crash into a hillside and embarrass yourself.

Like this guy does! His driving SUCKS. He’s no idea how to handle a fast, powerful vehicle. And he quickly demonstrates that inability fully.

The guy’s fine afterwards. We see him instantly get out of the car and run away. He’s okay. His car? Well, not so much. It’s totalled. Hey, we feel bad for the vehicle, but not the guy… No one likes a show-off. Especially when it’s a car they’re showing off and they can’t even drive properly!

Showing Off BMW

“Turn your car off!”
“I’m okay, I’m okay!”
“Is your car turned off? Turn it off!”
“Don’t worry everyone, I’m okay!”

Showing Off BMW

Ah, stupidity. There’s nothing quite like watching other people – especially show-offs – fail, is there…?

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